Thursday, March 5, 2015

How do we kill this thing!? (No need to count, there are twenty ways)

(Sorry I've not been posting much here. Been busy over here.)
The great beast stands between you and the end of your quest. You've prepared for this...but....

CRAP! Nothings working! Your attacks bounce off harmlessly. No matter how much you beat it up, it keeps on coming.

You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?
Well, it turns out you have to do something special to get rid of this one. It's weakness is...

(d20 Roll)

  1. A deadly Allergy to a common foodstuff.
  2. One of its special attacks exposes a vulnerable organ.
  3. A spot right between the eyes.
  4. It's probably that weird glowing gem in their chest.
  5. What about those small, useless wings on its back?
  6. Your weapon must be coated in the blood of certain person born on a particular date.
  7. That one, pulsating eye.
  8. It'll die if you kill all the smaller monsters accompanying it.
  9. It's a manifestation of your own aggression, if you exclusively defend yourself for long enough it will vanish.
  10. It's vulnerable when wet.
  11. It can be invulnerable to normal attacks or magic, but never both at the same time.
  12. Singing or playing the correct song will cause it to lower its defenses.
  13. It is a permanent fixture in existence; you must sever its fate before it can die.
  14. The final blow must be performed by an innocent.
  15. Its skin is armored, but it's insides are soft and vulnerable...
  16. Its heart is hidden within its shadow.
  17. It can only be slain on hallowed ground.
  18. Its poor grasp of philosophy means it can be trapped by certain, difficult queries.
  19. One of its special attacks is actually a vent for excess energy. Disabling it will cause build up and an eventual explosion. 
  20. Go for the nads.