Friday, November 14, 2014

16 Brief Akenian NPCs

To use this table, pick up two d4's. Designate one as the Up-Down and the other as the Left-Right. Roll both, and find the NPC where they intersect. An NPC party will have 1d6 members on average.

Rules suggestions are from the 5th edition of the game, but are mostly non-numerical for ease of conversion. 
Art is from Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light

Up-Down, Left-Right: Class from Kingdom, Level, Archetype, Background, Mannerism

1,1: Cleric from Akenia, Level 1, Life Domain. Acolyte Background. Aggressively chipper.

1,2: Monk from Manga-Edo, Level 3, Way of Shadow, Spy Background. Will attempt to disguise self as another NPC from this table.  

1,3: Wizard from Akenia, Level 3, Diviner. Sage Background. Insists they saw that coming.

1,4: Sorcerer from Yeso, Level 1. Outlander Background. Would like to make some quick cash to bring back home. 

2,1: Rogue from Akenia, Level 2. Noble Background. Just having some fun.

2,2: Fighter from Portia, Level 3, Eldritch Knight, Hermit Background. Aware of a terrible secret.

2,3: Cleric from Akenia, Level 3, Knowledge Domain, Guild Artisan Background. In the process of making a really cool thing.

2,4: Druid from Yeso, Level 4, Circle of the Land (Swamp), Sailor Background. Came to this place to research treatment of Arcane Radiation poisoning.

3,1: Ranger from Calian, Level 3, Hunter, Criminal Background. The most dangerous game and all that.

3,2: Warlock from Calian, Level 1, Pact with an Archfiend (The Iron King), Urchin Background. Thinks you should die and rot in hell.

3,3: Wizard from Akenia, Level 2, Abjurer, Sage Background. Thinks 1,3 in an insufferable bore and will go great lengths to inform you of such.

3,4: Rogue from Calian, Level 3, Thief. Urchin Background. Besties and moral guide for 3,2.

4,1: Monk from Calian, Level 2, Solider Background. Served in the Magi War and kept their skull adornments.

4,2: Paladin from Akenia, Level 3, Oath of Devotion, Folk Hero Background. Doing thier best to be a Shepard.

4,3: Totally a doppelganger, will try to murder a party member and take their place at the first opportunity.

4,4: Druid, Akenia, Level 4, Circle of the Moon, Charlatan Background. Doesn't love you, just wants your money.

Vague descriptions for places on the table, mainly for customization purposes
Akenia - A land dedicated to light and magic. Aggressively spreads their ideals.
Calian - A kingdom of Darkness and mystery. Dabbles often in things they should not.
Manga-Edo - A country in love with tradition and expression. Embraces strife as a multi-faceted opportunity.
Yeso - A loose confederation of communities on a doomed island. Practical but ruthless.
Portia - A far off land of enlightenment and commerce. Willing to sell most anything.