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Saigo, the Last City (D&D Version)

(I found this today while sorting through some of my old computer files. This was a write up for a game I was thinking about running congruently on G+ and at Home. It was originally written for Labyrinth Lord, but astute observers will notice its presence on the Break!! website's product page and it will be expanded into a full blown setting for that game. Still, I'm actually quite proud of this and may still use it - with some tweaks it may work for 5th Edition D&D, I think)

The City used to have another name. It was a long time ago, when it was simply one of many – before the sun was broken and the sky stained black. To those behind its protective dome and thick walls, it is Saigo: the last city. A super-tech metropolis designed an aeon ago to protect its inhabitants from any outside calamity. Guided by the artificial sentientce Mother Mercia, Saigo has maintained a comfortable level of life for the people within. The benevolent digital goddess reminds those inside that the dangerous world without cut her contact with the other cities like Saigo and likely destroyed them. She can only imagine what fate awaits those beyond her walls and forbids average citizens from leaving the city's limits.

Most idle contentedly within. Many people are comfortable with thier appointed tasks, daily entertainment and food. They are blissfully unaware of the potential for anything else. Of course there are those who are dissatisfied with having thier lives ordered and handed to them. Many are recruited by Mercia's Holy Order which seeks to direct thier restlessness to help her maintain the peace she's managed to hold for Saigo. There are some who drop out of her great but still limited sight and join the Breachers, a revolutionary group dedicated to toppling Mercia's regime and expanding thier people to places beyond Saigo's walls. Others still eschew either group, exploring, fighting and otherwise adventuring for their own personal goals.

Amongst all this, other dangers collect about Saigo. Beneath the city is labyrinth of tunnels that lead to any number of places, the least of which is outside the protective dome. While the Breechers have carved themself a piece of it, the rest of the place is outside thier scope – on top of being filled with terrible and dangerous creatures. Experiments with genetics, technology and magic create unintended threats within the city. Even the entertainment industry is not without incident if one considers the numerous people trapped in the now infamous Barovania astral reality game.

Perhaps most alarming is that the Dungeon Dimension has begun to overlay itself over Saigo's plane, creating oppourtunties for prospective adventurers while wrecking havoc on the denizens of the city as the two realities collide. While this is a danger to every person inside the dome, it has been mostly ignored by both primary factions thus far.

What your PC Knows
  • Many think that Saigo is the only human run city left on the surface of the planet and that the rest of the world is crawling with terrible monsters and infected air.
  • The people of Saigo enjoy a full range of modern amenities. Plumbing, electricity and an intranet to exchange information. Thier jobs are simple and no one is tasked with anything beyond thier ability.
  • There are still many places to explore. The city has a maze like Labirynth underneath it where numerous monsters, lost treasures and secrets can be found. Several buildings in the city also have access to a strange Dungeon Dimension parallel to the real world. Legal and illegal operations cause strife throughout the city regularly.
  • Mother Mercia is both caretaker and benevolent digital goddess of Saigo. Her and the Holy Order protect the people of the city and enforce its laws. She directs every facet of life on Saigo with the belief that humans must be equal to thrive.
  • The Breachers are an insurgent organization that is attempting to free the city and its people from Mother's grip. They are lead by the enigmatic mage known as the Breaker Boss, who believes that humans must be free to reach thier full potential.
  • Saigo's Great Libarary employs a handful of "Field Researchers" that are armed explorers who plumb the depths of the Labirynth for the purposes of discovery.
  • Any resident may forfiet the ammenities afforded to a Primary citizen and become a Free Adventurer, who may bear arms and wander the areas beneath and about the city freely.

Standard Classes
Fighters are nearly identical to their standard iterations. They have the following considerations;
  • If the fighter fells an opponent with an attack, they may attempt another attack against a foe within thier reach. They may do this an amount of times equal to thier level.
  • Fighters are the only class that may use Martial type weapons.

Clerics are pretty rare in Saigo, as there is no real established religion in the city. However, there are several extraplanar entities that have been summoned to the city and escaped that can provide mortals with powers more or less like clerics. Some people have personalities so strong that their ego's manifest as a sort of personal god, also granting them with clerical talents.
  • Clerics with an extraplaner patron use Wisdom for purposes of spell checks and bonus spells, whereas those who have a personafied ego use thier Charisma.

Shinobi are a lot like Thieves/Specialists in other D&D games. The differences are as follows;
  • Shinobi may use any weapon, but may only Backstab/Sneak Attack with Minor, Standard and Quick Melee weapons, or small missle weapons at less then 30 feet away.
  • A Sniper is a varient that can't use any weapons except minor melee weapons and Mechanical Missle weapons, but are able to Backstab/Sneat Attack with the latter at full range as long as they are currently unseen.

A Techie also works a bit like a thief, but in a different way then a Shinobi does.
  • Techies are unable to backstab, and can only use minior and standard melee weapons or small missle weapons. However, they are granted the Hacking skill with thier other thief abilities.
  • Hacking progresses at the same rate as a thief's Find/Remove Trap's or Tinker Score. It allows Techie's to take control of various electronic data systems.

Battle-Casters are those who can use magic inherently. While not as versitile as a mage, they complement thier powers with martial abilities superior to thier casting breatheren. They advance, save, fight and have as many spells per day as a cleric. The exceptions are noted below.
  • Battle-Casters may use any weapon. Once a day, they may discharge a spell through a weapon they currently have held in thier hands. (In the case of missle weapons, the next shot fired holds the spell) While this is primarily used to enhance an attack's damage capabability, it does not need to be used in conjuction with an attack.
  • Battle-Casters have a very limited spell list, however; they know two spells at first level (choosen from any spell list, though they must be first level.) Every time a Battle-Caster gains a level of experience they may choose another spell from whatever list they'd like – however, the spell cannot be of a higher level then they are currently able to cast.

Mages remain the undisputed masters of magic. Like Fighters, they are mostly unchanged from thier normal incarnations. Mages have one difference, however;
  • Mages may choose one Cantrip at character creation, and may always cast this spell as long as they have one other spell memorized.

The Battle Princess and Murder Princess are not unheard of in Saigo, though they are uncommon. While most Battle Princess' find thier place in the Holy order and thier counterparts do the same with the Breechers, these alliances are not set in stone.
  • At level 5, both Princess types may add upgrade thier choosen weapon into a Combination Weapon.

Newmians are Mother Mercia's answer to the complaints certain citizens have about the strict child bearing and rearing laws she has enforced. To allow people the joy of having a family (and still avoiding the risk of overpopulating the city) she created synthetic life-forms that would not age naturally, require conventional substance and expire after a certain amount of years pass by. Slight cosmetic alterations were added to later Newmians when it was discovered that many were unsettled by their originally near-human appearance. These are always slight but noticable and include things such as animal ears or oddly colored hair.

Newmians do not often become adventurers or active agents thanks to thier limited lifespan. Occasionally, there will be those that are defective and live beyond thier original parameters; these incidental immortals are often recruited or monitored by the Holy Order. Others escape to join the Breechers or even choose to remain free and decide thier own destiny.

Companions are Newmians that were designed to be loving partners and confidants. In spite of outward appearence (which is choosen by whoever commisons the companion) they are generally athletic and deft, making them able to preform as bodygaurds and trouble shooters for others. Newmian Companions are mechanically identical to Elves.

Beloveds are intended for those who desire to raise a child, but do not qualify for a breeding license. These tend to look look much younger then Companions do, commonly somewhere between seven and thirteen years old. While dimmunitive, they are actually designed to be tough to endure the rigors of life and occasional poor parenting. They use the same rules as the Halflings.

The process for creating Newmians is harder then it seems, and occasionaly results in Rejects. These are Companions or Beloveds whose mutations went out of control and have made them unsuitable for thier original purpose. They are either recruited into the Holy Order as special agents or runaways who avoided mandatory reprocessing. Rejects are mechanically identical to the Vat Spawn class or Mutant Future style Mutants.

Originally meant as the protectors of the city, Wardroids were freed from Mother Mercia's direct control by her own initative. Understanding that they are artificially created and fully aware like her, she has granted them full rights to give them a chance to live out thier lives as they choose. Most Wardroids closesly resemble humans but retain obvious mechanical traits and utilize the same rules as the Dwarves

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