Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shining Akenia, Land of Adventure!

To the west of Barovania is the land of Akenia, known by many as a home to heroes and wonders.
It is also known as a sundered country of deceit and betrayal.

Even more people think of it as a terribly dangerous place filled with crazy zealots, dreadful monsters and any number of sublime places that can kill you.

In the end, no one disputes it is a land filled with opportunity for fame, riches and glory.

Most adventurers begin their career in Tower Town, a bustling settlement built around the Spire of Asmodal. Since the entire city was created to capitalize on men and women attempting to conquer the famed tower, its stocked with plenty of places for eager climbers to rest and supply themselves. It is also home to the Lapine Bleu tavern and Puella Potion's Akenian branch, both considered to be essential spots in any grand tour.

The Castle of the Cloud, The Stone Spire, The Temple of the Tide and The Flame Fortress are all dedicated to the four primordial elements. It is said that a special reward lies at the apex (or nadir) of each of them, simply waiting for someone to come and claim them. A wilder rumor even suggests that conquering all four may allow whomever does so access to some place even more dangerous, with even greater rewards.
The capital of Akenia and home to it's royal family, Radia is a luxurious and peaceful city. Located within are numerous wonders and the very best entertainers, artisans and authors in the land - as well as the grand Star Crystal, which is used as both a symbol of the nation itself and the capital's primary source of power. Perhaps most important to adventurers though is that Radia is one of the only places that one can dependably sell (and maybe even purchase) magitek and magical items.

The South sea has its own points of interest; The Still Behemoth is an enormous mechanical weapon that was disabled en route to Akenia ages ago, and has remained frozen in place since then. Now home to any number of strange creatures who found their way onto it, it is also rumored to have several stores of arcane weapons and supplies locked inside of it. Vavel's Folly was once the home of a wicked demi-god who sought supremacy of the sky. He was struck down by an angel of the Madokami and now his floating castle hangs listlessly in the sky.

Calian was once known as "the dark empire", but is now in shambles. A long time antagonist of Akenia, the rival nation employed now forbidden magitek in an attempt to destroy hits radiant neighbor (The Still Behemoth was just one example of the weapons employed). This tactic eventually backfired on them, when an attempt to bind a demon lord to a war engine resulted in the blighting of nearly two thirds of their territory, resulting in the Mana Wastes. This has also resulted in a slow withering of the Star Oak, a great concern that no one seems to have a solution for.

This is just a sample of what is to be seen in this brilliant land, as you can see in this beautifully rendered map below. What adventure will you find?

Games that take place in fabled Akenia will run on Tuesdays, around 6 PM Est Time


  1. Oh geez, all the awesome things!

    The Still Behemoth is the most intriguing. Having been still so long, do people/beasts now reside on it?

    1. There is some Metamorphisis Alpha + Xenoblade nonsense going on in there, so yeah - expect company if you decide to venture inside of it.