Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Paladin

(First Up, Blog name change! I just liked it better. Anyway!)

Zak has done some really awesome versions of a few of the standard D&D classes, and I kind of want to help out/shamelessly mooch/put my own spin on one of my favorite arch-types the game has to offer. I could go on a really long spiel here, but y'all probably know what a paladin is right?


The paladin is a champion of good and order, a sword and shield for those who have neither - any less is insufficient for their code. While they may revere or even worship various goodly deities and religions, it is generally understood that their quest is much greater and much more earthly at the same time. If they serve anything unflinchingly, it is the well being of other sentient creatures.

All Paladins begin as squires, peasants who have long talks with angels, kids who stumble on a magic sword or something like that. So begin with your normal, standard starting HP and saves for whatever system you are using. At first level, its assumed you've at least started being really knightly so go ahead and roll twice on the table below and apply it to your character. Do the same for each time to level up. You also get an additional hit die with each level as per whatever system you happen to be using.

1-20: Training with your mentor, repeated battles, participation in combative sport or any number of other things pay off, add +1 to your chance to hit in combat.

21-40: Intense discipline, resolve and dedication pay off. Improve all your saving throws by 1.

41-50: You value all virtues equally, but you are an exemplar of a particular one. Choose one of the following every time you roll this result:

Valor - While you know fear like anyone else, it cannot conquer you. No longer will you be subject to the effect of magical fear from spells, and even the great dread caused by terrible monsters cannot shake your noble spirit.
Mercy - No matter how great your wrath, it pales before your ability to forgive. When striking a living creature with a blow that would be fatal, you may opt for the hit to instead send them into unconsciousness. Assuming they do not perish through some other means afterward, they will be aware that you spared them and may think of you more favorably from then on.
Truth - Your own honesty allows you to see through lies created by wicked forces. Even magic cannot hide the truth from you - you can see the true form of a shape-changer. polymorph subject or anyone else whose original form has been changed. You spot all illusions for what they are. You will be briefly aware of invisible creatures when they pass your field of vision, but you receive no other boon against them.
Diligence- Even potentially fatal wounds will not deter you. You may keep acting even once your Hit Point total has reached 0 or less. You only stop when the task you were attempting (Such as holding a position or combating an evil foe) is completed, or when your accumulated negative HP is greater then your (Constitution score + your level)
Vigilance- You know your foes all too well. You may take an action to Detect Evil at will.
Patience- Your forbearance is such that arduous tasks that would frustrate or dissuade others are simply a matter of time for you. Once a day, If you have plenty of time and are not interrupted, you may automatically succeed in a task that would normally require an ability score roll. This virtue may be taken multiple times, granting you another automatic success a day each time. The DM may rule that a given task may be impossible for you to do without specific training or tools, even with the application of this ability.
Hope- When all seems lost, you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Once a day, you may re-roll one dice per session if you are in the process of some noble quest or attempt. This virtue may be taken multiple times, granting you another re-roll each time.
Humility- While nobility and rugged mercenaries alike cannot quite understand your humble ways, you are well loved by commoners, freemen and even other knights who appreciate your down to earth mannerisms. You can expect to be received well by such people, automatically passing all Charisma checks involving them that don't involved risky or unreasonable requests.

META-NOTE: Paladin codes can be kind of touchy, but if your character has one of these one can assume it should be incorporated into role-playing how they act and what they do. Just saying.

51-53: Your spiritual strength is equally apart of your physical might now. Add your charisma bonus to hit and damage on top of your normal strength bonus when fighting against a foe perpetuating a wicked deed. Further rolls of this result will grant you a cumulative +1 bonus to damage in this situation.

54-55: An paragon of a particular bestial or extra-planar species has decided to assist you as a mount, guide or partner in battle. It will answer your call once a day and will remain with you in till your need for it is complete. This is usually a war-horse, but it can be anything approved by the GM with the following restrictions; It cannot have more then 1 hit die more then you, and if can do anything cool (Fly, spit fire, etc) it counts as one more hit die per ability for the purposes of qualification. Whatever it is, its good-aligned and also can communicate with you one way or another

Rolling this additional times after the first means another creature can be chosen, with your new level taken into consideration.

56-57: Just as you will never abandon those in need, your weapon is always there when you need it. You may nominate a favored weapon that you can summon whenever needed, wherever it may be. Alternatively, you may create a weapon forged from your soul - you decide the type when this is rolled; the weapon hits on a +1 and is always considered holy/magical for the purposes of dealing damage. Ranged weapons of this type may only be fired every other round, since ammunition for them is formed only after a shot is fired. The weapon remains in till dismissed and can be summoned again instantly.

Rolling this additional times will allow a paladin to nominate or create another weapon independently of the first one.

58-59: You are the chosen of the Sun and it grants you its strength. When the sun is at its peak (Usually at noon) you receive a +3 bonus to any die rolls you make during combat or ones that involve utilization of your strength score. This is reduced to a +1 at any other time of the day, and vanishes completely at night or if you are hidden away from the sun. If this is rolled multiple times, add an additional +1 to both values. The Daylight spell will grant you the lesser of the two bonuses.

60-61: So glorious is your countenance that even those most wretched execrations melt away in your presence. When first encountering a cursed person, item or place, there is a (50% + Your level) chance that it will be effected by a Remove Curse spell. If this result is rolled again, add a +5% to the above.

62-63: No malady or plague will take your before your time. Your body is fortified against all mundane diseases. If this result is attained again, you become immune to all magical afflictions, such as mummy rot or lycanthropy. Any further rolls for this ability grant you protections against some other harmful substance or affliction (Petrification, Poison, etc)

64-65: You're devotion to the lives of others allows you to summon great strength in times of need. Once a day, when preforming a feat of strength that will save the life of another you are counted as having the strength of a giant, allowing you to lift, throw or hold things a normal human should be incapable of. This may not be used to harm another - further rolls of this result allow you to do this once more a day.

66: The old man foretold of this and the lady of the forest confirmed it; that great relic awaits you some where not too far from here. A holy sword, invincible shield or some other enchanted object (Of your choosing, approved by the GM of course) that would help you immensely in your quest is 2-3 sessions worth of adventure away.

67-69: Your righteous wrath is well known, and your gaze alone is enough to deter the wicked. If your intent to fight them is clear, you project a 15' aura of fear against evil creatures of 1 HD or less. Rolling this again increases the effected HD by a step ( 1 HD - 1+1 HD - 2 HD, and so on)

70-71: The armor of your soul will always protect you. You may nominate one favored suit of armor; you may summon this armor whenever you are without, and it will slowly appear on you at the rate of 2 armor class points a round, rounded up. As an example, a suit of plate mail that improves your AC by eight points would form fully on you in 4 rounds. Alternatively, your own soul can manifest its own mail, allowing you summon celestial chain mail that is equal mechanically to elven chain, save for it is a brilliant gold color. Further rolls of this result allows you to nominate another article of clothing to be summoned (Such as a cloak or magical helm) or grant the ability to manifest a holy shield (Acts as a normal shield, but is weightless for the Paladin)

71-72:  Sometimes the just are a bulwark against the darkness; you gain the ability to turn undead and other foul creatures as a cleric equal to your current level. This requires you to shout loudly or present a symbol or weapon, making stealth unlikely. Further rolls on this table increase the your turning level by one.

73-74: Your wrath undoes the wicked; once a day you may strike an evil or chaotic (non-good) foe with a blow that receives a damage bonus equal to your hit dice total. This strike also counts a magical or holy one for purposes of doing damage to creatures requiring such weapons to hit them.

Further results of this type grant the paladin additional strikes of this nature per day.

75-76: You are a living symbol of hope and those who have allied with you know this. As long as you stand and fight alongside them, all those you've considered as comrades in battle will receive a  +1 to hit while within 15 ft of you. Those who you feel need your protection instead receive a +1 bonus to their Armor class. Repeated results of this type increase these bonuses by 1.

77-78: A Queen or King of the Fae has found you to be intriguing. They will save your life or grant you one boon that is within their power when called upon. When this happens, you may make a charisma check; if you succeed, your inherent nobility has struck an unknown chord within them. They will gain a soul and be reborn as a human, perhaps one day meeting you again.

79-80: You have found a saint's relic of some kind; a vial of tears, a set of teeth or nails, a lock of hair. It may be presented, pressed against, or otherwise invoked to cast Dispel Evil. This relic may be used 1d4 times before it disintegrates into nothing, but granting the Paladin a +1 to their wisdom score.

81-88: From within your heart comes great power. You may pick one spell from the cleric spell list that is no greater in level then half your own, at a minimum of one. You can cast this spell once a day. This spell should be something that will aid you in your quests to further the cause of good. Additional results of this kind can be used to pick new spells, or allow you another use per day of a previously chosen spell.

89-90: You cannot leave this life while those on it still need you. If you perish fighting for a great cause that remains undone and if even one person calls for you to return, you may stand again once more regaining half your total hit points. This power also allows you a moment or so of invulnerability, so that if you fell prey to some sort of death trap you may pull yourself free of it.

This power only works once per time this result is rolled. Their are limits to even your spirit.

91-92: You ride and with you comes the dawn. Once a year, you may banish the night from its throne and bring forth the sun regardless of the time. It will move to its zenith for the remainder of the interval between its arrival and whenever the night was to fall on the next day.

93-94: Your touch brings comfort and succor. You may lay on hands once a day, either relieving the subject of a natural disease or healing 2 HP per your hit die total. Additional results of this kind grant you more chances to use this ability per day.

95-96: Wicked magic is often unable to withstand your great well power. Any hostile spell cast upon you has a 25% + your level chance of fizzling before harming you or any one else.

97-99: Your very touch surges with holy power. Your unarmed strikes do 1d6 + your strength mod in damage and are considered magical for purposes of doing damage to certain types of creatures. Additional rolls of this result grant you a cumulative +1 to hit and damage with such attacks.

100: Reality itself is no match for your will to make the world better. You may once, preform a great Miracle. This is equal in all ways to a Wizard's Wish spell except for the following caveats; this Miracle may only be used to save or assist others in some way and the Paladin's intent is considered when the Miracle is announced, as opposed to his way of asking for it.

Once the miracle is preformed, the Paladin is officially a saint.