Saturday, December 28, 2013

Digiplane G+ Campaign, Phase 3

I will be once again opening my G+ game to various players, with a single caveat; there is a main group - the Yeso Mini-Campaign has grown much deeper then I thought and that party shall be continuing their travels throughout the Blighted Isle, The Shining Kingdom, The Broken Empire and that Strange and Pixelated realm.

However! Schedules being as capricious as they are, it can be expected that not all of them will be able to make each and every session. That is where you come in, dear heroes and heroines of FLAILSNAILS. Whenever a position is free, one of you will be invited to fill that spot. I'll hopefully try and sort all these things out a week or so in advance, but forgive me if I occasionally am a bit late.

The hope is that we get all the long term goals and consistency of a normal campaign, with all the fun you get letting random jerkasses champions from other worlds come in and muck around. Said games will be run weekly, at 10 PM Eastern Time. Please contact me on G+ if you want to join in and you're not being invited already.

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