Sunday, November 17, 2013

Domain Turn Event Table

Like most AD&D supplements, Oriental Adventures is a big bundle of verbosity with lots of fun and useful bits hidden away in its folds. One such thing is a collection of tables for yearly and monthly events for domains; something I think was going to be figured into AD&D proper someday, but never quite was.

Anyway, the players in my home game have actually hobbled a domain together and I've put together some simple rules for them, mainly using An Echo Resounding and stuff I remember from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series as guides. One thing I needed was a way to decide if anything interesting happened between "Domain turns" that was better then me going "I feel like ripping off of Attack on Titan today". So I pulled out my copy of OA and appropriated the table from it. Results below!

d20 Roll
Freak Accident
Something entirely unexpected and very terrible happens. A stable bridge collapses, a dependable wizard botches a magical ritual, or something else to that effect. The accident should be related to something already existing in the domain.
Asset Shortage
One of the domain’s primary sources of income or livelihood has come up short, such as a poor harvest or meager pull from a local mine. This is likely to cause financial hardship unless cleverly addressed.
Bad Weather
Roll a 1d6, on a 1-2 the domain suffers from torrential downpour, 3-4 its either a heat wave or blizzard (depending on the terrain and season), 5-6 its a dry spell that may cause a drought.
Bandit Activity
The locals are being terrorized by a gang of criminals who have been looting, pillaging and other awful things. The bandit gang has 3d12 members, and a leader who is a fighter, barbarian or anti-paladin (Roll 1d3 + 2 for level). If the domain has a coastal city, then there is a 50% chance there are issues with Pirates instead. (Same as the above, but they have a boat!)

Auspicious Birth
A child with great destiny or potential has been born in the domain, and pretty much everyone knows about it! How lovely! Except for the fact that an important NPC or newly discovered villain seems to want to kidnap or eliminate the newborn...
Tragic Death
A person of great renown has quietly perished in the domain. They have bequeathed something unique or important to the rulers of the domain. Roll a d4.
  1. Its a powerful magical item! Please use it wisely!
  2. A map to a far off treasure. Please claim what I could not!
  3. The secret to a lost technology. Please make it of use to the people!
  4. A cursed item! Please keep it away from those it could harm!

Natural Disaster
This is bad, a Tornado/Tsunami/Earthquake or some other terrible thing suitable to the area has hit the domain! One city or town is totally devastated.
Famous Persona
A rather famous individual has ventured into the domain. Something about it has struck their fancy, and they've gone to look into it. Whether they contact the players are not depends on what it is.
Monster Rampage
Nuts, some awful thing is scooting around, eating people and burning stuff down. Select a monster appropriate for the setting, or roll randomly. The monster has (1d8 + 4) HD.
Agents from a from another country or organization have snuck into the domain for the sake of espionage, sabotage or theft. These are likely the sneaky sort, but they may have a rough and tumble type or a magic user in their midst.
Domestic Incident
Two local powers are going at it for whatever reason. This may be a family feud, or a spat between businesses. Its not going to solve itself either, unless the domain leaders are content watching one side destroy the other.
A big, important wedding is happening in the domain. Its going to be a loud colorful affair, and will likely have as many disgruntled guests and crashers as it will happy ones.
Notorious Villain
An infamous ne'er-do ell is skulking around the domain, or at least their agents are. They aren't here for a vacation - its likely they are either laying low or planning something wicked.
An area of the domain is being plagued by ghosts, poltergeists or other spirits. Someone must have kicked over an important tombstone or something.
Divine Occurrence
A great miracle has occurred or an avatar, walking god or prophet has come to the domain and made itself known. This is actually bad news; if you haven’t noticed gods are jerks, for the most part.
Otherworldly Visitor
A space ark full of transforming robots, spell jammer filled with odd gnomes, or spider-ship filled with slavers has landed in the domain. Tell me you don’t want to check that out.
Rival Adventurers
Hey! Some other adventurer types have shown up and started bad mouthing you guys. Better show them up! Or avoid them entirely, they may be dangerous.
Roll on this table a second time. That is what’s going to happen next turn - and the players get advanced warning of it via prophet, sign or other mystical nonsense.
A cloaked rider from another land has come with a message for the domain’s leaders. Is it a request or a challenge?
Dimensional Rift
Oh dammit, a hole in reality has opened up in the worst spot, and things are coming out of it. Ugh, I heard the next hex over is nice...