Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Calian, the Broken Land

It was not long ago that Calian was a boogeyman for the children of Akenia; a terrible place spoken about in hushed tones by the adults around them. It was home to dark knights, blasphemous wizards and the twisted beasts that served them. Even the people there were little more then cutthroat degenerates. It was believed that they hated the Shining Kingdom more then anything, and one day Akenian Magitech and Calian Bio-Sorcery would clash in a final bout of superiority.

It was not long ago that Calian was the last hope of thousands; a promise to the poor and disenfranchised of a cursed land. An oath that all their blood and tears, all their dead sons and daughters were all necessary steps in achieving what was supposed to be theirs all along. They too would live in the bright land bathed in the light of the Radian crystal, and never again depend on dark powers too eke a desperate life out of poisoned earth.

At the moment, Calian is a barely a nation - only three of its cities are not in ruin or worse. Overlord Voldane seems content with sending the remains of his armies on suicide missions against Akenia. The land to the south is blasted and ruined, leaving behind a brutal tundra and twisted scars of what were once great landmarks. The people who remain are disillusioned and broken; many more are dead. A select few of them have decided against rotting along with their homeland, seeking fame and fortune as adventurers...


Gelna, the dark capital is a lasting symbol of its countries potential, as well as a reminder of its ultimate downfall. The city's pragmatic and brutal architecture hides a powerful criminal underground that seems to hold more sway over the place then Calian's own autarch. Voldane seems too preoccupied to care, hidden away in an iron castle that looms above the rest of the city.

In contrast, The Ocean Citadel, Cygna is more or less under strict military rule. As it stands, Cygna's port is the only way for Calian's soliders to leave (and return to) thier homeland, so they clamp down on the citizenry, hard. Darius Grimm, Ravager Triumphant of Calian's Dark Knights and prominent figure in Cygna, has made no efforts to hide his disapproval of Overlord Voldane.

Riven is a haven for many in Calian; it is perhaps the only truly prosperous place left in the kingdom. Run by merchants, the port there still engages in regular trade and has done much to distance itself from the rest of Calian. It's citizenry is also openly distrustful of the military, and is the most likely to seek out and employ sell swords. Many adventur
ers native to the Broken Land begin their careers here.

Hooks and Rumors

- There are many people who pay to know why Overlord Voldane won't leave his iron home, or what he whispers exclusively to the Dark Priests who have taken residence there.

- The Merchant's at Riven are seeking stout hearted youths to act as security on their vessels. Piracy is on the rise, and the military simply can't be trusted, especially if they insist on searching the cargo!

- The Star Oak is an ancient tree with great power - once the land's most treasured landmark, its influence has since vanished after the Mana War. It is said that it stands, even now, but its location is somewhere in the midst of the blight and no one has dared to seek it.

Character Options

Arcane Poisoning - You have lived your life in the eldritch green haze of magical pollution. Your blood is stained with the stuff; maybe your breath glows faintly, or your eyes have lost their pupils. It has made you frail, but it has also strengthened you against other magics. You have a -2 penalty on saving throws against poison and gain a permanent +2 to all saving throws against spells.

Chosen of the Dark - Your dreams are as lucid as your waking hours; in them you wander a barren nightscape where the songs of shadows echo. You know the Dark Tongue (even if you are not of that alignment) and also its lullabies; you may attempt to calm even the most bestial creatures of darkness (usually with a charisma check.) The Light knows you as well, and will show you no love; you are unable to benefit from holy magics like Bless or Protection from Evil.

Blight Nomad - You survived the blasphemous weapon that created the Mana Wastes, or perhaps you were unfortunate enough to be born in those blasted lands. You have traveled the blight and survived, carrying the scars of that place with you on your mind and body. Magical or mundane Fear effects have no power over you, but its partly because you have little to lose. You may not take on a follower of any type during your career.


  1. Locale specific character options are something I always enjoy seeing. What better way to establish where you're from than some glowing breath and bio-sorcery scars.

    Either of three are interesting on their own to be taken. I am curious as to why Blight Nomad applies only to Magical Fear affects. My line of thinking is that if you can survive that particular hellhole you might not be too frightened by whichever fellbeast swoops out of the sky.

    1. Generally its because Magical fear is the only time I'll tell a player that they are so scared they need to run - the player decides how they wish to react to normal fear.

      But yeah, I guess if something non-magical had a fear rule in another game, I'd vote they were immune to that too!

    2. Dragons immediately sprang to mind and for some reason I incorrectly thought they had a non-magical fear effect. I guess I haven't sent any firebreathing hellkites at my party recently.

    3. You know, you may be right. At the very least, Dragons caused non-magical fear in Dragonlance. Or at least I think they did?

      But yeah, I may change the wording anyway, for clarity.