Monday, October 7, 2013

Six Swords of Akenia

Here are examples of what some powerful magic weapons may look like in Akenia. All these weapons are in set places on the map and won't appear randomly - though characters may attempt to find them through research and questing.

The weapons below all strike as magical weapons and unless noted otherwise are considered Martial weapons per Akenia's house rules. They are Bastard or Long Swords in other games, depending on how generous you're feeling.

Mockery of Honor - Stained with the betrayal of a once great knight, this weapon affords its master a +2 bonus to all saving throws and immunity to all forms of fear and disease. It glimmers softly in the presence of evil and drips fresh gore when near someone truly good.

Glorious Edge - This sword's pearlescent blade cannot be marred by rust, blood or grime. Anyone holding the blade benefits from a Protection from Evil spell that it constantly radiates. Additionally, if a creature of dark alignment is struck by this sword they suffer an effect identical to a Cause Fear spell as if cast by a cleric of the same level as the wielder unless a save versus spell is made.

Bloom - Made of moonsilver and magically sustained flowers, this weapon sows the seeds of its blossoms in those struck by it. Every time more then one point of damage is done by this sword, the target must make a saving throw versus poison or take 1d3 points of dexterity damage as said flowers begin to grow in their body and burst through their skin. This is cumulative, and if one's dexterity is reduced to zero or less this way, they are lost forever as they become a living colony for the bloom.

Discordant Razor - This weapon's movements seem wild and erratic, no matter how skilled the wielder happens to be. Being struck by the sword further confuses the target, who must succeed a saving throw versus spell or have their next action altered negatively by the Razor's power. Victims of this ability will preform in the exact opposite manner of their intent.

Grandesh - Widely considered to be the finest sword in all of the world, the Grandesh always strikes as if a target's AC was 10 (or whatever the base, unarmored Armor Class is in your rule-set of choice) and does 1d4 + 4 points of damage on a successful attack. This weapon is capable of slaying gods, and is rumored to be the reason they have all fled Akenia.

Fen's Equalizer - Once a month, when this sword's owner is faced with a foe whose Hit Die is double their own, it creates an exact copy of its wielder (all non-magical equipment is also replicated, as is the Equalizer) to assist the original in battle. Clones are created in till the accumulated level of the wielder and his copies would exceed their enemy's hit die. (therefore, a 2nd level fighter would end up with 1 clone when facing a 4 HD lion, or 2 clones when facing a 6 HD bear and so on.)

Said clones vanish after battle. If any of them perish during the fight, then the wielder dies when the other dissipate, leaving the Equalizer without a master.

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