Friday, September 13, 2013

Yeso; the blighted vale

Isle Boshin as originally noted on the map of Akenia, (Better map forthcoming)
Generations ago, the valley of Yeso was a region of peace and tranquility. Located on Isle Boshin, a small island in between Akenia and Calian, it enjoyed a sort of prosperity that was unknown even in the shining kingdom. Fertile land and a rich harvest guaranteed that its people would have plenty to eat and trade; the Yeso River (for which the valley is named) served as transportation and a source of nourishment and protection. And while the vale is also populated by fierce predators, its humanoid inhabitants are a fierce and hardy people known as the Sian-Ja.
Sian-Ja Warrior and Child

The Isle's well known status as a holy place also afforded it a bit of security from its larger neighbors. While the Sian-Ja where slain, routed or chased from both the Akenian and Calian mainland by their current inhabitants, Boshin was left alone due to the fear of unleashing a terrible force that was sealed their by some magic of the Isle and the people there.

While understandably bitter from the ordeal, the Sian-Ja decided that surviving at all was most important and kept reasonably amiable relations with both empires.
Sian-Ja Entertainer

This was all in till the Mana War, which ended less then a generation ago. While officially neutral in the conflict, Boshin was often used as a secret battlefield by unscrupulous commanders on both sides, and the land became especially ravaged during a battle between the Gear-Mage Dizer Gren and the colossal bio-titan now known as the Still Behemoth. Something particularly bad happened during that conflict, and has left the Isle in a rapidly declining state from which it has yet to recover. Some say the very land has become poisoned in spite of what wonders may still lay there. Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that the once proud Sian-Ja have been reduced to desperate refugees in their own land. Some theorize they will not survive the next decade.

Recent events have attracted adventurers from Akenia, Barovania, Calian and from lands afar. Some wish to help the inhabitants of the Isle, others wish to plunder what still remains. Some have heard terrible whispers of the terrible evil beneath Boshin awakening, and others still claim some lost weapons from the Mana War may be there.

Will they find glory or death in Yeso? It matters not; the forsaken land doesn't care.

Yeso Campaign Rules

- FLAILSNAILS Characters are welcome, as long as they are not over Level 8. They may be as low as you like, but you may want to be at least Level 2.
- Characters native to either Akenia, Calian or Barovania will gain a bonus roll on the rumor table at the beginning of play.
- Please Note that items, even ones from Barovania or Akenia, may not function quite right in Yeso Valley. The reason for this is not quite known, but it seems connected to the other disturbances in the valley.
- We are currently full up on players, but this post will remain up for future reference and if anyone new joins. Please feel free to post questions in the comments below.

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