Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unfinished Business and Events of import in the Digital Demi-Plane

A year of gaming time has gone by in that strange and pixelated land, and there continues to be plenty of adventuring opportunities for the valiant, curious and avaricious. Below are a few of the long-running hooks that players could (probably should) look into.


Sasha's Ambition - With most of the other, more active dark lords gone or out of commission, The Mistress of the tower has become bolder and bolder in her action. While Azalin's strange apparatus was destroyed by the (in)famous Jane Murders, Sasha is still attempting what seems like a total take over of Barovania. At the moment, her armies seem to have halted a good distance from Jova City's border. What she plans now is any one's guess, but its become obvious that her doll armies will act without hesitation.

Silent (Gryphon) Hill - While the Heather house is currently occupied by Sasha's maids, the area surrounding it has been abandoned almost entirely. In fact, it seems that the citizens of Mordent have vanished without a trace. Several people are strongly suggesting someone look into it, without actually doing so themselves.

Crisis on an intermediate amount of Planes - There is the little issue of the rift in reality that opened up in Eyvalis swamp. It seems like it leads to somewhere, but the only being to cross through is the famed elven assassin Malice - and he's not returned to Barovania since then. Of course, he's been rumored to have appeared elsewhere, so maybe its safe?  


The Melancholy of Queen Regelia - The war with Calian is over, leaving Akenia's hero to deal with matters of state along with her fellow council members. Unfortunately for them, she has made it very clear that she is not particularly fond of their methodology. That, and her history of regicide have gotten several of the regents rather anxious. At this point, both sides may be looking for outside assistance for these matters which may be just the ticket for opportunistic adventurers and would be politicos.

Dragon's Ground - On the eastern border of Akenia there is a plot of land covered in the bones of wyrms - the remains of a literal army slain by the amassed Magitek arsenal of the Shining Land. Their matriarch was the last to fall, cursing her slayers as cowards and murderers. The area surrounding her fallen body became the Dragon Graveyard and even though scales have rotted off and her bones are bleached white, that place bears her power.

Fallen scales, dragon teeth and claws and other parts remain ripe for picking. It really just depends on if one is brave enough to risk the wrath of the Queen of Wyrms.

Secret of the Mana Wastes - South of modern Calian is what used to be much of Calian, a tundra blighted by an blasphemous weapon that has been lost to history. While it has been forgotten by the current Overlord, the land is still crawling with forgotten treasures and forsaken lives. While exploring it is very dangerous, the rewards are quite literally untold.

Beyond that, there is an even greater treasure spoken of; the mighty Star Oak. A great source of magic and healing that was once said to rival Akenia's own Radia Crystal, it is now lost to the people of Calian. None know current fate of the tree, and there are many who would pay handsomely to find out. That is of course, if its discoverers don't decide to utilize what they find for themselves, first...

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