Tuesday, July 23, 2013

D&D Ephemera: 1d4 Tables

I jot down random d4 tables a lot. Here are a few.

Alternative Results for a T (Automatically Turned) result on the Turn Undead Chart (1d4)

  1. The creature is simply turned per normal rules
  2. Skelemin: The undead turns into a much less threatening monster. The result is usually a 1-3 HD, minimum HP variant of the original. This is often comical, like a hopping skull or an adorable ghost.
  3. Thriller: The monster does a repetitive and harmless dance, unable to stop in till the turning attempt ends or they are attacked.
  4. Horrific Awakening: The undead becomes acutely aware and horrified at its current state of being, seeking to hide away and mourn for its lost life and doomed soul. It will seek a dark place to weep (or pantomime it soundlessly, if normally unable) and continue doing so unless sought out or threatened.

Alternative Results for a D (Automatically Destroyed) result on the Turn Undead Chart (1d4)

  1. The creature is simply destroyed, as per normal rules
  2. Rigor Mortis: The undead's unholy form finds itself unable to stave off mother nature's wrath, and seizes up like a normal corpse. Intelligent, aware undead find they can still speak in spite of this. Incorporeal undead solidify and fall to the ground, shattering like a clay sculpture.
  3. Necrobloat: Divine energy wells up inside of the creature causing its body to swell to enormous proportions.  The creature can no longer move on its own, and a solid blow (one that does more then 5 HP in damage) will cause it to rupture and be destroyed. Incorporeal creatures solidify just enough to contain the energy, gaining stretchy membrane not unlike a balloon's surface.
  4. Zombomb: Similar to the previous entry, but the energy inside the creature is horribly volatile. It will move as far in a random direction as it can for a round before rupturing and causing a Divine energy explosion. This blast will do 3d6 damage to all undead or infernal creatures within 10', while simply feeling like a warm breeze to anyone else.

Alternative Results/Reactions for a failed monster/minion morale check (1d4) 
If the monster can speak, these will be shouted or spoken aloud before 
the subject attempts to flee, surrender or walk off

  1. "Interesting, It seems they underestimated you."
  2. "I'm going to get chubby if I keep eating all these adventurers..."
  3. "You've proven your strength; shall you be my new master?"
  4. <Infernal mutterings and spasms before dissolving into a puddle of goo>
Horrible monster qualities (1d4)
These should be rolled before Hit points are
  1. Once a Man: The monster wasn't always this way. While it gains no special abilities, it can speak, and will - trying to tell whoever it's attacking that it used to be human and that its very, very sorry for all this!
  2. Incomplete: This creature is not quite finished, perhaps lacking skin or certain limbs. It has half the HD it should have, but gains an energy drain attack. Each time this attack successfully drains a level, the creature creeps towards completeness. Upon reaching its proper HD, the energy drain attack ceases function.
  3. Echo: This monster is always with one or more other creatures. It is a physical manifestation of it's allies memories. It cannot be slain, vanishing only if all its allies are routed or killed.
  4. Alone: The creature is truly alone in the world, and has created imaginary allies that have manifested to protect it. These creatures are often larger and more powerful the their creator, and cannot be slain. They vanish forever if the original monster is killed.

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