Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rules I don't use, at least not correctly anyway

So Jack posted this and I love bandwagons that people smarter then myself start.

If it wasn't obvious from the various classes, patchwork anime settings and high speed car chase rules, I don't quite play D&D as it was initially intended. Or maybe I do, if you think the game was made to be customized by the person running it (which I do, or at least I hope.)

Anyway, I do actually use a lot of the rules included, just not as is. Off the top of my head;

Alignment - I love alignment! Sort of. I like to use it as a vague connection to some absurd cosmic plan that you really don't understand. Its not about having any real semblance of moral clarity or purpose; some magic works better on this guy then it does this one and that's really the only semi-concrete thing going on here.

Really, players can write whatever the hell they want in this box. In the end, it should matter to them, not me.

Encumbrance - Don't abuse my good will and I won't bring it up. I'm looking at you Jill Valentine.

Descending AC - I like Ascending better, but I think most people do nowadays.

Domain/Retainer Stuff - This isn't connected to level, save that at name level people who've heard of you sometimes show up to try and ride you like a rodeo show become your loyal followers.

Movement Rates - I'm such a terrible person. I just write in Very Slow - Slow - Normal - Fast - Very Fast and use it to estimate stuff in combat. Hell, I even do this at home and I use a battle-mat.

Ability Score Requirements - Nope. You don't get bonuses for them either.

Bonky Hammers are "Standard" Weapons
Experience - I use all sorts of silly sources for experience points, including just learning stuff about my goofy setting.

Always Chaotic Evil/Lawful Good Whatever - Pffft nope.

Morale - I love Morale. I use it for a lot of things though; Will a monster run? Will an NPC stick to their guns in an argument? Will your follower betray you while they are being tortured? And so forth.

Specific Weapons And Armor - I use broad classifications instead of specific ones, just so I can justify any number of absurd aesthetic choices.

Treasure Types - I like to think of them as helpful suggestions.

Magic Weapons or Armor with flat bonuses - Generally you'll get a "Strikes/Protects as Magical as well as this other unique thing" because I just like that.

Please note that these aren't slights or commentaries on the rules above or anything else; I just think its genuinely interesting to talk about this kind of thing.


  1. Magic Weapons or Armor with flat bonuses - Generally you'll get a "Strikes/Protects as Magical as well as this other unique thing" because I just like that.

    That's been my preference lately, too.

    1. Yeah, its something I've been moving towards for a while now.

      While I think there is definitely merit in the simplicity of "you get +X to hit/damage", its just not how I want magic items to be at the moment.

  2. Without +X magic weapons, how do you work around monsters that have specific +X to to overcome their defenses?

    Also, I designed a room for a random dungeon that has a demented faerie that uses a "Bonky Hammer", as you call it. It was really fun, actually.

    1. @Ed

      I just assume "magical" anything is enough to damage those kinds of monsters, rather than having multiple tiers of magical damage resistance.

    2. Yeah, I do it like Brendan does.

      I'd be really happy to be responsible for the proliferation of "Bonky Hammers" in D&D. Honest.