Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I will (hopefully) be working on for a while (The Wondersmith's Libram)

For the last couple of years the secondary purpose of nearly every game I've run is to help build some kind of established setting. The idea was that doing so through playing would help guarantee two things;

A) It would help me establish things that would matter during a game, as opposed to filling it up with little details of varying interest and little use.


B) Hopefully I would come up with something that I (and other people) didn't get bored with after a year or so's worth of sessions.

So far, its actually been working. The trick has been to run whatever I wanted and gradually connect it to the "world" proper. This has ended up with something different then I originally figured it would (As can be seen in my obviously amateur attempt at an abstract map) but it works so well for me that I won't ever complain.

I've got various reasons to want to start writing it down properly (At the moment its a lot of disorganized notes and thoughts) and I figure It'd be nice to have it so that other people can look at it, so I'll try putting it up here.

Below is the current list of things I have notes on that I'd like to clean up and post. Think of it as a table of contents for my collected works on the setting, a sort of e-version of some absurd Arduin Grimoire style pamphlet. Hopefully I will also add links to this page as I write these, but who knows if I'll keep that up.
- The Anatomy of Duose; The Inner and Outer Worlds
- What was
- What is

Part 1, On the Essential Personae
- The Wondersmith
- The Black Marquis
- The Four Pillars
- Regulus, Emperor of Aeon
- The Primordial; Winter, Hunger, Fear and Entropy
- The Magi Collective
- The Madokami
- Whisper
- Zero the Kingslayer
- The Walking Gods
- The King in Chains
- The Wicked Prince

Part 2, On Protagonists
- Notes on Character Classes
- Notes on Character Species
- Magitek, Lost-tech, Relics and Artificing
- Mutations and other Alterations
- Summoning and Binding
- Followers and Companions

Part 3, The Wistful Dark
- The Radiant Kingdom of Shard
- The Starwell
- Aiden, the Fortress City
- The Shadowlands
- The Under-Cities
- The Mourning Sea

Bridge - Saigo, the Last City
- Mother Mercia
- On the City Itself
- Factions in Saigo
- The Labyrinth

Part 4, The Blazing Garden
- The Sun Machine
- Aeon, the City of Gold
- Maple
- The Ruined Domepoli
- Kikai
- The Brilliant Ocean

Part 5, The Hidden Promise
- The Anatomy of the Inner World
- Iron Cross
- Sol & Luna
- Aearth
- Ruin
- Greywald

Part 6, The Worlds Without
- The Dungeon Dimension
- The Astra-Digital Plane (Barovania and other lands)
- Inner Heaven
- The Sealed Abyss
- Wyldspace

(This list will more then likely be added to as I go along, as well as things being broken off into sub categories and other stuff like that.)


  1. Alexander Dumas could not have written a more pretentious table of contents for a fantasy world

    1. I need some method to hide my lack of talent, and pretension seems to be the most widely accepted method.