Saturday, May 11, 2013

A short entry with some monsters.

So I posted this picture as a Barovania reference, and Martyn asked me for stats of these monsters. So I figured why the hell not?

Here are some minimalistic stat blocks for you to enjoy.

(A note since I've not mentioned it on the blog before; I use Type II AD&D morale, so you want to roll under score on a d20 to make a morale check)

Sting Eye (Floating eyeball with Tail)
HD: 2, AC: 8 (12), Move: 120' (Flight) DMG: 1d6 + Paralysis (see text), Save: (F2), Morale: 12
Notes: The Creatures sting paralyzes victims if they fail a saving throw. This monster usually waits near dangerous gaps, hoping to nail someone right before or right after they try to cross it or jump over it.

Amu the Soul Host (Bear/Mammalian thing with a choker)
HD: 8 AC: 3 (17), Move: 90' DMG: 1d8 + 2 claw or Soul-Suck (see text), Save: (C9), Morale: 16
Notes: Amu was initially intended to be a vessel for a Wizard seeking a new body, but he mauled the caster before the ritual was completed. Primal but maliciously sentient, Amu is capable of using the phylactery around his neck to Magic Jar any sentient creature's soul into it. If he manages this, then he learns any information that the victim knew in life. He may also destroy a soul forever to cast any spell at a level equal to or less then the victim's Hit Dice at the time of the Magic Jar's effect. This of course, empties the amulet to be used again.

Amu cannot speak but he can write in various languages, including common.

Blank Lizard (Featureless Lizard thingy)
HD: 1, AC: 4 (16) Move: 150' (Scurry) DMG: 1 or Face Theft (see text), Save: (T1), Morale: 6
Notes: The Blank Lizard is a strange species or reptile that has no facial features naturally, usually surviving by a strange form of photosynthesis. If manages to scratch a human being or other humanoid creature, then they must make a saving throw versus spell or an equivalent - failure means the subjects face vanishes from their body and replaces the Blank Lizard's own features. The Blank Lizard usually runs off while making faces at this point. If it is slain, the face generally (75% chance) returns to its original body. Note that someone without a face will probably suffocate if extreme measures are not taken.

Blank Lizards enjoy ambushes, and have a 65% chance to hide in shadows/move silently.

Horned Sploof  (Fuzzy White thing with Horns)
HD: 3, AC: 5 (15) Move: 90' DMG: 1d6 slam, but he really would rather not, Save: (F2), Morale: 12
Notes: The Horned Sploof is actually a mercantile species from the Dungeon Dimension. They are far less interested in battle then they are in selling whatever various wares they hide in their fuzzy hides and matching packs. Their fur color denotes their area of Trade; White Sploofs sell medicinal and healing supplies.

Andracorn (The Armored/Blind Unicorn)
HD: 4, AC: 3 (17) Move: 120', DMG: 1d6 +1 (Gore), Save: (F3), Morale: - (See Text)
Notes: The Andracorn is mechanical outsider similar to an Inevitable and usually functions as a mount for lawful agents. When first created or summoned, they are bonded with a rider. The Andracorn is actually animated and directed by this bond and will only function when their master is in physical contact with them. Otherwise they stand inert and motionless.

As long as their rider remains loyal to the cause of order, they will serve them unflinchingly and without fail. If their master perishes or betrays the forces of Law, the Andracorn will simply fall apart into valuable, but non magical metal parts.

If the GM so desires, a Paladin can call on an Andracorn for their bonded mount, in lieu of a Warhorse.

Negasaurus (Oddly colored Brontosaurs head whose body is chillin' behind the other monsters)
HD: 6 AC: 7 (13) Move: 150' (Really Big) DMG: 1D10 + 2 (Negative Matter Slam) Save: (F6) Morale: 16
Notes: Strange creatures from Wyldspace, the Negasaurus' mere touch is harmful, causing normal matter to blister, crack or break. Anytime the beast is struck by a physical weapon, a saving throw for the object needs to be made or its destroyed. If unarmed attacks are used against the Negasurus, the striker will take 1d6 + 2 of damage for every blow landed.

Shagmaw (Weird Brown thing with lips and teeth and little else)
HD: 3 AC: 6 (14) Move: 60' DMG: 2d8 + Swallow Limb (See text) Save: (F4) Morale: 15
Notes: The Shagmaw are odd, cast aside creations of the Wondersmith. Made from leftover flesh, hair and mouths, these sad creatures want nothing more then to be complete - and try to bite off and swallow the limbs of others whole in the hopes that it will help them one day grow their own. On a natural roll of 18, 19, or 20, the Shagmaw has managed to snag a random limb of a bite attack victim. If a Paralysis/Poison saving throw is subsequently failed by the target, that limb has been torn off and swallowed.

A Shagmaw can opt to "hold on" to someone they've latched to already in subsequent terms, forcing another saving throw.

Great Voidrax (The Ominous, shadowed out creature in the backround)
HD: 15. AC: 0 (20) Move: 120' (Or Shadow Jump) DMG: 1d10 Con (See text), Save: (C15)
Morale: 17
Notes:  The Great one can move through any shadows in his line of vision instantly, no matter their size. if the Shadow is actually smaller then him, it blots and grows unnaturally to allow him to emerge from it.

Voidrax does damage directly to a targets constitution score, literally sucking the vitality from their bodies. If someone is reduced to 0 or below Constitution by this attack, they arise again as a shadow under his control.
A spawn of the primordial dark, Voidrax is a powerful entity that is attempting to amass an enormous army this way. His ultimate goal is to attempt to turn a God into a Shadow, if only to see what happens.

The green haired lady in front is Naki, The Dungeon Idol. A sweet and gentle singer willing to be friends with everyone, she's often employed by those whose retainers seem discontent or down in the dumbs. If she manages to put on a full show for a dungeon, all of those who inhabit it will count as being Blessed for day afterwards.

Those who can hum will be doing so, repeating the tunes of one of her songs incessantly.


  1. Where is that image from? And speaking of which - where do you get the rest of the pixel art you post here?

    1. Most of my stuff comes from either my own screen shots,
      This tumbler -
      This Blog -
      or G+ "pixel art" or "retro Japanese game" communities.

      The above picture is from a "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" video game.