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House Rules Hodge Podge; Character Physique

Character Physique (Re-purposed from the Arduin Trilogy)
No two adventurers are built alike. While it can be assumed that most are fairly physically active and moderately fit, build and physical competency varies greatly thanks to predisposition, eating habits and other extracurricular activities.

Note that these don't have an effect on the overall quality of a character's appearance. Any body type can be carried poorly or well and this sort of thing is better decided by the player character. It may change how an NPC or monster views the character which is of course up to the DM.

During character creation, a player may choose or roll for their characters particular physique. Note that in-game behavior such as fasting, over-eating or physical training  may alter a character's physique as decreed by the DM.

Physique Type (1d8 roll or Choose)

1. Ickle - This character is very small and childlike. This may be because the character actually is very young, but it could also be a naturally tiny build or a smoking habit gone awry. Characters of this size receive a +1 bonus to the Armor class and any attempts to slip through small spaces are cracks. They are also able to reasonably pass as children, with all the benefits and downsides that entails.

These characters are wee enough to have the same restrictions on equipment as halflings. They also are easy to chuck about, receiving a -1 penalty to saving throws against such effects as well as granting larger enemies who attempt to grab or overpower them a +2 bonus to do so.

Character types that are already very small (such as gnomes, goblins, and the aforementioned halflings) are instead just incredibly adorable, and able to re-roll any attempts to charm someone through cuteness or convince them that they are harmless.

2. Wiry - Long and lean, someone with this build is noticeably thinner and a bit taller then normal. This character has an easier time then most getting about, affording them a +2 bonus to all rolls involving acrobatics or climbing and a +1 bonus for saving throws to get out of the way of something.

However, the lack of padding means its hard to stay warm or attempt to hold your ground if caught by surprise. A -2 penalty should be applied to all saving throws against cold effects or attempts to avoid being knocked over.

3. Sturdy - Stocky due to muscularity or a bit of podge, this character is pretty sturdy and able to hold onto more then their strength score may suggest. Burly PC's are able to carry half again what they normally would be able to before being encumbered.

On the other hand, they also tend to be clumsy. They receive a -2 penalty to all tasks that require a delicate touch and failure means they probably broke something. While leaping out of the way of dragon's breath is still in line with other tasks, dodging something like the slender ray from a magic wand is a bit harder, incurring a -1 penalty to such saving throws. 

4 - 6. Average - This character has a normal, run of the mill sort of build, ranging from slim to chubby. They receive no special considerations due to their size.

7. Haggard - Some wear their experiences on their face. A Haggard person didn't get much choice. Scarred, bent and rough looking, life has spit these poor people out after some rigorous masticating. In spirit with the old adage though, all the things that didn't kill them made them stronger. Anytime a a Haggard character takes enough damage to kill them permanently, they may opt to make a Constitution check (roll under) instead. If this succeeds, they are worse for the wear but still alive. They'll be out for a while (DM discretion, usually in till the end of a fight or enough time for the characters to resolve (or fall too) whatever messed up the PC to begin with.

On the other hand, this character is already falling apart and this certainly doesn't help. Every time the PC survives this way, 1d3 points of constitution are lost permanently. They also receive 1 less hit point per level, to a minimum of 1.

8. Ponderous - This character is of not insubstantial size. Significantly plumper then the average adventurer, they not only enjoy life but are rather hardy thanks to their girth, receiving an additional hit point every single level. Shoving or rushing through them can also be pretty hard, and such attempts involve a +2 or -2 modifier, depending on which benefits the the PC.

On the other hand, Ponderous characters have issues with normal sized clothing and armor normally needing them to be adjusted for size (Costing 20% to 50% more then usual, elves are also notoriously dickish about this) unless said equipment is noted to be notably larger then normal (I.E, an Ogre's hide armor, or something like that.) Headgear is usually excluded from this calculation, though something assumes a slender face may be an issue. They are also unfortunately easy targets, incurring a -1 penalty to saving throws to get out of the way of anything.

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