Saturday, September 1, 2012

Home Brewed Meance: Manus Rex

Frequency: Unique
Alignment: Chaotic
HD: 8**
AC: 2/17
Attacks: +6/+6/+6 (Grasping Flurry); See Below
Saves: As an 8th Level Fighter
Damage: 1d8 + 4

Special: If two or more of Manus's grasping flurry attacks hit the same target, that character has been grabbed and hoisted up by one of his numerous limbs. On the next round, and every round he retains his hold on them, Manus may attempt to either crush them (Automatically doing 1d12 + 4 points of damage) or stripping off armor or valuable clothing and casting it aside (This takes 1 round for every 2 points of AC the Armor grants). A character may attempt to escape this grasp by making a saving throw versus Paralysis each round after being grabbed. If a character is killed by Manus, it is safe to assume that the monster tears them limb from limb, potentially complicating attempts at resurrection.

Background: The Wonder Smith's creations are not limited to brass and steel; at different intervals of his unceasing life he has experimented with any number of materials - including writhing, living flesh.

Manus-Rex was the product of such a whim, created when the wandering demiurge decided he could use an assistant for his some of larger projects. While the creature turned out to be quite helpful, it was soon abandoned by the Wonder Smith for other things and Manus is still bitter about the matter. For now he scrambles about a ruined workshop attempting to finish half-baked constructions by constantly cannibalizing bits from other works as well as anyone unfortunate enough to pass him by.

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