Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barovania Locales: Sasha's Tower

BGM: Queen of Rose, 8-Bit Version
Looming in the eastern part of Barovania is Sasha's Tower, the domicile of Strahd's reclusive niece. The exterior of the tower itself is surprisingly fashionable if a bit austere; seemingly wrought entirely from exquisitely twisted black iron. Upon entering however, visitors are greeted with lavish decoration and works of art, with rooms that look like they belong in a country mansion rather then an isolated spire.

This decadent domicile includes several libraries and studies, multitudes of guest rooms, a torture chamber here and there and Sasha's personal quarters and craft room. The tower has actually seen several owners in the past view decades including the Hags of Eyevalis woods, Azalin and even Lord Strahd himself, so there are many rooms and treasures that Sasha herself may be unaware of. The place is kept in order by her staff, who generally keep to themselves and do not explore beyond where they are told.

These loyal servants are actually doll like constructs that have presumably been created by the tower's owner and range from eerily human and attractive to hulking, silent atrocities.The eerily human like Doll-Golems are the most ubiquitous of them, usually dressed like maids or occasionally something odd like a physician or tutor. While most of these are also the least dangerous in combat, there are a handful of "Head Maids" that are skilled assassins. Also present are numerous creations based off of dolls - hulking butlers that turn out to be man-shaped sacks filled with sand, gardeners crafted from pottery and animated by sentient fungus and enormous wind-up knights made of tin are just some of Sasha's creations.

The most obvious treasures in the tower come in the form of a vast art collection on display throughout the place. Less apparent are the multitudes of important books scattered through the structure. Many of these tomes are from Master Azalin's short stay here so some of them are quite valuable indeed. Finally, hidden away in the lonely structure is an ancient weapon that even Strahd himself fears. Not the fabled Sunsword that was split into aspects long ago, but a wholly different tool entirely, something known only as the "Vampire Killer". Sasha will go to great lengths to ensure this never leaves the tower.

Entrance may be difficult, as is to be expected. Sasha will generally entertain guests if they announce themselves at the door, but this has yet to go well for either party.


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    1. Which reminds me, I've been seriously considering letting people group up and request games for specific tasks, like say, taking down a specific domain lord...