Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shattered Star: The madness of Regulus (Home Game)

So, here's the thing - our world? Its actually just one side of this giant mass floating around in Wylde-space, a dodecahedron shaped, otherwise unnamed planetoid. Each face of this non-sphere is populated by one or many landmasses, an ocean or two, and generally something to light the place up. They all have their own rules and everything due to the fact they all exist within their own atmosphere. Even the levels of magic vary from side - we'll call them realms for simplicity - to side, as each particular atmosphere has differently levels of Wylde permeability. The labyrinth, that ubiquitous home to all manner of devil, bogeyman and abomination is actually a series of tunnels that connect our realms to other realms. If you have brass ones and a purpose, you could walk to other worlds if you really wanted to.We live in the realm of the "Shattered Star" and unbeknownst to most here, are neighboring a realm suspiciously called "Everdawn". It wasn't always that way though, long before our home was just one of the Sister-Realms and we shared a single source of order-giving light, a Sun-Machine that would traverse both realms in a constant cycle. There was much to that time that was lost, but one man and one deed is remembered and never to be forgotten.

In that distant aeon, the Sister-Realms were ruled, guarded and loved by the People. We refer to them as such because they were better then us; stronger, fairer, smarter and more alive. The least of the People was worth a hundred men in deeds alone and the greatest of them were the Knights Stellar, whose heroism single handily maintained a peace that lasted countless generations.Greater still was Regulus, who was the finest knight that history had ever known.

Regulus seemed to be successful in all endeavors, no foe could best him, no trial was too great, and no heart too cold to resist him for long. His greatest deed was shattering Doubt - a great black sword that had caused the downfall of his father and the curse of his family line. It was in this victory that the seeds for Regulus' destiny were sown, for with its ebon blade broken, Doubt's poisonous song was released and left to plague the ears of its destroyer.

"As I am broken, all things will be. As I am undone, all things must follow."

That one phrase was too much for the great knight to bear. For in that instant, he realized that all things were finite, that all that he had fought to defend and dared to love would be gone one day. With a cry he went mad, and rushed onto some desperate odyssey to the south. Pursuit proved to be fruitless, as even in his insanity he was more then a match for any of his peers. All knights sent to subdue or reason with him returned back empty handed. Some did not return at all.

Why did he ride towards that strange, barbaric land? He sought one being, The Wonder-Smith; he who had created the Sun-Machine and its lunar sister, he who had crafted any number of artifacts great and small, he who dwell in a tower of ivory and gossamer, away from the rest of the world. And why, you may ask again, did Regulus quest so feverishly to find this person?

Its simple really. The Wonder-Smith was the only being in all history to trick Death itself.