Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puella Potions and Miscellany; A premier adventuring shoppe

Jova City is not exactly a the most happening economic center in all the world; in fact, due to the suspiciously high death rate and unfortunately well-advised curfew its next to impossible for any normal business to get a healthy returning customer base. This is more then likely the reason that most of the well established business in Jova are either very old indeed, or entirely unique in their service or clientele.
No one could quite understand the original Shopkeeper

Reccette came to Barovania with a group of adventurers a little over a year ago. While most would blanch at the thought of such a young girl making a dangerous trip with a group of strangers, the people of Jova city are used to all manner of oddness and paid her very little mind. A few raised eyebrows when she proceeded to purchase a small rundown shop on the outskirts of the city, and a few more did so when she finished sprucing up the place. Their curiosity lead to the young entrepreneur getting her first customers; Puella Potions and Miscellany was open for business

The plucky girl quickly demonstrated her proficiency in crafting the sort of potions and salves that any serious adventurer might need, many of which were completely foreign to Barovania proper. Various travelers from all about flocked to Puella Potions and Reccette was quickly one of the most successful business owners in all of Jova City. After all, these people are always managing to get themselves hurt or turned to stone or something.

Currently, Puella Potions and Miscellany offers all the standard equipment on the Barovania item list, as well as a rotating stock of potions. Reccette is always looking for new products to add to her inventory, and often will trade potions or other items for strange and exotic humors and materials. She may even provide shelter for unfortunate adventurers who find themselves locked out of the buildings in Jova City at night time, provided they are able to compensate for board in some way at a later date.

Adventure Hooks

  • Reccette will pay or trade for various materials that Adventurers return to her, examples include but are not limited to; Various monster parts, Odd looking stone or metal, Mysterious Flora and Dubious Liquids
  • There is a rumor that the tiny shop-keeper may want to oust the local church as a fraud to become the only available healer in all of Jova. She insists that this is slander, though she is a rather vocal advocate for the truth.
  • OK, one addendum to that last one - she's a vocal advocate for the truth in others. No one knows where such a seemingly young girl got the money to purchase her own shop, or how she convinced a group of hardened adventurers to travel with her to Barovania.
  • Come to think of it, no one has ever seen where exactly she brews potions or makes her wares... 

Current Shop Inventory

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