Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Oathsworn King (Unique Monster)

This one is a gift for Ian over at MONSTROUS TELEVISION, hope its suitable.


Long ago, there was a lovely kingdom that was mostly like any other prosperous nation that was made unique by its proud and glorious king. Both there names have been forgotten over time, but their final legend is still told in mocking tones by ghouls and mad men.

The king was brave and on top of that a gambler, often allowing for visitors and locals a like to approach him during celebrations with a bet and a wager of their choosing. This had always been in good fun; the king may lose a bit of face or have to hand over what remained of his dinner, but all enjoyed the kings frivolities and none were worse for it.

Regents do not walk between raindrops, and the king was not without his share of tragedies. His loving wife died giving birth to a still-born child; leaving him alone and with little mind for the games he would often indulge in prior. On the day of his families funeral, he was approached by chuckling man dressed in a long, black cloak. He asked the king if he'd like to make a wager.

The royal guard was quick to react, drawing their swords in unison, but the king ordered them to hold back when the figure presented a small doll that bore no passing resemblance to king's wife. He offered a simple wager; if the king could best him in mental fortitude then he would return to him his beloved and little child. If the king were to lose, then all the souls in his kingdom would be forfeited to the stranger. Before any others could speak, the lonesome monarch accepted the contest with the thoughts that as long as he held onto the love of his family and his wife, no foul thing could best him.

He was wrong.

The kingdom is bare now. The buildings are abandoned, food left to rot, animals wander untended. Even the king is gone, for while he did remain their for a time, he swore he'd enter the very depths of hell and win back every last soul that he handed over. He wonders the Bleaklands to this day. Time and battle have flayed away his skin, and the sheer depravity of the place has robbed him of his sanity, but he still quests. While everyone can tell you his mission, none recall his name.

The Oathsworn King
Frequency: Unique
Alignment: Lawful
HD: 12
AC: 0/19
Attacks: As a 12th Level Fighter
Saves: As a 12th Level Fighter
Damage: 1D10 +2/1D10 + 2 ( Great Axe, counts as magical for purposes of damaging certain creatures)

Special Abilities

In search of those lost: The King is constantly searching for those he forsaken to the pit by his own foolishness. There is a 50% that he will mistake any intelligent humanoid he comes across as one of his lost people, and he will stop at nothing to keep them safe. This includes slaying "monsters" that are threatening them which may include their own allies. One who the king recognizes as one of his flock could theoretically vouch for their friends, but that does not mean the king will agree with them; he is their ruler after all and peasantry is easily lead astray.

Anger that lingers: The king can recognize demons instantly, and will attack them without mercy. He may roll twice when doing so, and keep the higher of his two rolled dice. If a player character is carrying anything acquired from hell, there is a 25% chance he will mistake them for demons and get the advantages of this ability against them.

You can rest when you are done: As long as his people remain in hell (This is unlikely to change) the Oathsworn King will wander in search of them. If he is ever reduced to zero hit points, his body and equipment will crumble to dust. He will then reform in twenty four hours to resume his search.


  1. Getting some serious Diablo vibes from this guy. Very nice.

    1. Thanks, I hadn't even considered that. It totally works, though.

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