Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Barovania, Session 2 (7/15/12)

Adventurers from lands far and wide came to Barovania, adding color to the land's vibrant but admittedly limited palate.

Squid returned, eager to continue his attempt at invasion. (Once again portrayed by Kasper.)

Evin the Witch-hunter fell into a drug induced stupor in New Feierland and awoke in Barovania. This was a distressing ordeal for him. (His friends call him Clay, I'mma gonna call him Clay.)

Birji, a hardy desert elf. Mysterious. Also hooded. (This was Fred)

Von, a former Paratroopa in the Glorious Koopa army, along with his chain-chomp flail. (After Fred, we have Ed)

And Babs, an elf from some far off, advanced place where you can be a Mage/Thief. Which, coincidentally, he was. (My old gaming comrade Michael made and played him in the same session!)

This strange crew was all business, heading straight to Tser falls after hearing from Squid that there was actually a dungeon hidden behind its pure, cascading waters. Spirits were high, as our heroes assumed that this also meant there was copious amounts of treasures to be had. Evin bravely took his place in the back, encouraging the others along with an infectious fervor.

Things that burn hot also burn quickly however, and by the first room the party had split up mentally and spiritually, if not physically. Their first act was to inspect a strange idol that had corpses that were bent in various states of reverence around it. Various poking about and chatter created a significant amount of noise, and some of the keener members of the group caught the sound of something coming. Indeed, the loud, labored shuffling heralded the arrival of a hulking amphibious beast of some kind. Being as the group lacked a motivation or a means for parley, combat ensued.

While the party got mashed around a bit and a bit of friendly fire via a sling, they eventually came out victorious. The final blow was dealt by Von's chain chomp, leaving the monster bereft of a head. This upset Squid, who had planned on using the monster as a host but he suffered in silence as the party moved on. The Toad man's filthy living quarters were discovered and looted; Babs taking special interest and subsequently befriending a group of large and strangely intelligent fleas.

Growing impatient with bug talk, and once again goaded on by Evin, the group tromped onward, exploring an adjacent hallway - but not so hastily as to get caught by a gelatinous creature on the ceiling. The party dodged its icy grip, and though it claimed one of their torches, squid moved forward and well...

...Its best left unsaid, but the creature and squid were now more or less one being. The rest of the party recovered from the experience a once again pressed forward, more then likely in an attempt to forget what they had witnessed.

Why doesn't anyone ever go down the tiny hallway!?
Upon the discovery of a small, thin walkway that would require single-file crouching, the party unanimously agreed to ignore it completely. (sigh)

A final - nearly fatal altercation occurred when the party stumbled upon a lounging robed Toad-Man inside a strange chamber resembling a shrine of some kind. Once again parley was briefly attempted and completely failed, the Toad Magician called forth his strange, frost-men guards and blundering sort of melee ensued. Both Briji and Von were nearly killed, and Von's all important blue shell was lifted from his person by Evin, who subsequently absconded with it.

Eventually, the robed Toad Man was taken down causing his Frost-Men to melt away. Briji and Von were both saved by Babs' new flea friends, but not with out side effects. (Nothing brings me more joy then telling players to write in something horrible on their Character sheets)

On the way back to civilization, tiny men in strange blue hats attempted to rob the group. This failed utterly, and all were killed saved one, whom squid decided to make into a retainer, due to the fact that Kasper liked the stupid voice I did for him.

Which means anytime Squid is in a session along with you, you're just going to have to deal with it.