Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can't stop the (Octo)rok

If you went to an elf a couple decades ago, and asked them "Hey, whats an Octorok?" they probably would have looked at you and said "How the hell should I know?" except they would have done so in a matter befitting an ancient and enlightened race.

Anyway, that was then. This is now.

When the great Devil Swine came to the land of the elves, he was quick to unleash any number of beasts upon the unsuspecting servants of wisdom and courage. While his army of Iron Knuckles, Wizzrobes and Stalfos stomped out the armies of the royal family, roving bands of monsters ravaged the countryside and chased the rest of the elves underground. Among these, the fierce canine Moblin is perhaps the most famous - but it is the Octorok that is most plentiful.

Most elves can remember being chased by Octoroks as children, and are understandably vengeful.

These small creatures are malignant little entities with octopus like forms and an an ability to spit rocks at a high velocity. (They also seem capable of generating ammunition for this attack, but its not terribly well understood beyond the fact that Octorok's consume earth and stone in lieu of normal foodstuffs) This used to translate into them jumping elves and pelting them with stones, perhaps even giggling evilly as they did so. Since nearly all elves are trained in combat nowadays though, things have been going less awesomely for the stone-shooting octopods.

As such, many Octoroks have actually reconsidered their options. A few have attempted to communicate peaceably with the elves or offer to do business with them. This has had mixed results as most elves still hate them based entirely on principle. Fewer still decide on a life of adventure, with the hope in their heart that maybe, somewhere, there true way of life remains to be found.

Though, most of them probably do it because they are greedy little buggers and the Devil Swine's payroll is crap.

Seriously guys, now you are just being dicks

Octorok Class
(Intended for OSR Usage, its probably not that hard to kit-bash)

Hit Dice: 1d6 for levels 1-9, +2 after that
Combat Progression: Cleric
Save: Fighter
Weapons Allowed: Any
Armor Allowed: Shields Only

Level            EXP
1                  0
2                  1,800
3                  3,600
4                  7,200
5                  14,400
6                  28,800
7                  57,600
8                  115,200
9                  230,400
10                330,400
11+              +100,000

Special Abilities:

Fire off Rocks: Octorok's shoot rocks out of their mouths, its pretty much their main thing.
The craggy projectile has a range of 40 ft, and can be fired each round in lieu of a normal attack. Damage for a rock begins at 1d6 at levels 1-4, increases to 1d8 at levels 5-9, and 1d10 at level 10 and up. Octoroks may add their dexterity bonus to hit with this attack, and their constitution bonus to damage rolls with it.

Tentacles : Octorok's can hold more items or weapons then a normal person can, counting as having four "hands" instead of two. If multiple weapons are held (or when fighting with a free tentacle) then an Octorok may re-roll a miss in melee combat. If this is done, the additional roll must be made with a weapon other then the one used in the initial attack.

If an Octorok makes an attack when unarmed, its tentacles do 1d4 points of damage.

Leap: Octorok's are surprisingly good jumpers, and can make 10' high vertical leaps without a running start. They may also make leaps at double their normal move if they choose not to utilize their rock projectile attack.

At level 5 an Octorok turns blue, and its rock attack counts as a magical weapon for purposes of dealing damage to certain monsters.


  1. Wow.

    I may have to convert this to Ingenium, just on principle. Nice job!

  2. Where is that second image from? Is this the genesis of Octorok?

    1. The second picture is from a truly fantastic game called Four Swords Adventure. Its The Legend of Zelda, buf multi-player.

      I figure its the sort of thing that would cause any minion to reconsider his or her career choice.